Virtual Reality | A game-changer for business

Virtual Reality

A Game-Changer for Business

The spotlight first shone on Virtual Reality back in the 1980s and it has continued to fascinate us since.

Image of woman wearing VR headsetIndustry insiders regularly proclaim that the time has come for VR to take its place …

Welcome to Innovation Point

Finding Ideas. Funding Innovation.

Every successful business knows that it’s essential to invest in the research and development of goods or services that solve real-life problems and meet the needs of the customer. But what do you do if you …

Why are tech innovators ‘never average’?

Digital Tuesday – 1st March 2016

At the next Digital Tuesday, we’re thrilled to welcome Innovation in Business Award Winner, Anna Bastek, who will share her story of developing several start-up companies including Wolfestone – a multi-award winning international …

From Atoms to Apps

Digital Tuesday | February 2016

Gideon Oliver Osborne (a.k.a George, to his mate Dave) has announced a £50m investment into Wales to establish Wales’ first Catapult for Compound Semiconductor Applications.  What are Compound Semiconductors we hear you scream?!  Well, they …

4 practical tips to help get your idea to market

Chris Griffiths from OpenGenius speaking at Digital Tuesday
Chris Griffiths from OpenGenius speaking at Digital Tuesday

Following on from his talk at Digital Tuesday, CEO of OpenGenius, Chris Griffiths shares his tips for generating creative ideas and launching them.


1) Create the right environment for continuous innovation

Exploiting the value of ideas

“We don’t make things anymore!” is a familiar criticism of UK plc because industry has moved away from purely creating jobs and prosperity out of materials and manufacturing, to a situation where the increasingly digital knowledge economy is becoming a

Catch up on December event

This month’s Digital Tuesday event featured Amazon Web Services Technical Evangelist Ian Massingham, who provided our audience with an engaging insight into how cloud technology is enabling businesses to work faster and more effectively.

In this short video, Ian talks …

Sorting the Skills Gap

The transition to a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy is accelerating, but skills shortages and gaps are negatively impacting growth, competitiveness, innovation and employment.  The ICT sector in Europe is facing a massive skills shortage, with up to 700,000 unfilled jobs …

Newport Illuminates Innovation in the Digital Economy

Newport is fast becoming the epicenter for a growing digital movement set to become the catalyst for a thriving digital economy within the region and across Wales.

Article published on South Wales Argus, Tuesday 23rd September 2014:

The organisers …