Virtual Reality | A game-changer for business

Virtual Reality

A Game-Changer for Business

The spotlight first shone on Virtual Reality back in the 1980s and it has continued to fascinate us since.

Image of woman wearing VR headsetIndustry insiders regularly proclaim that the time has come for VR to take its place in mainstream technology, and at long last, it seems that they may well be right. VR is moving out of the confines of the gaming industry and into the spotlight of mainstream business.

Larger corporations are by now well-positioned to exploit the emerging technologies, but how can the smaller guys – the content & application developers – fit in?

It shouldn’t surprise anybody that there is a growing army of tech-savvy SMEs building innovative, immersive experiences that address the diverse needs of business customers operating across various market sectors.

You may already have experienced visiting a destination virtually – experiencing the ‘you are here’ feeling – before booking a holiday, staying at a hotel or attending a conference.  Likewise, the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and engineering industries are using VR in sales demos, product testing and training.

On May 3rd 2016, the Imaginarians at Do Digital Realities will lead an interactive discussion about the developments in VR and demonstrate how tech innovators are using VR to develop innovative solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes.


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